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Investment data better boost hong kong-listed confidence late hong kong-listed strong oscillation

Today, the national bureau of statistics released data for economic operation of the January a-nd February, restorative growth was registered in economic performance.Which is closely related to industrial economic performance of January and February industrial electricity consumption and the -railway freight volume are increased significantly, at the same time, the industrial producer price of -January and February year-on-year growth.And January and February crude steel output is compar-ed to the same, but on the situation, to the production capacity continue to overweight the steel pro-duction capacity continue to increment or relatively limited space.And investment data also performe-d well, 1 - fixed asset investment grew 8.9% year-on-year in February, growth speed up 0.8%- year on year.1 - real estate development investment in February year-on-year growth of 8.9%, a-nd 2% and the growth rate is higher than that of last year, growth is accelerated.This year, the over-all implementation of the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy neutral, emphasize to t-he capital to take off the virtual to real, would continue to help the capital to the entity, the entity indu-stry such as the consumer demand and investment in the infrastructure is relatively good.

From the short-term market, domestic steel prices to benefit from phase plate yesterday ju-mped by recovery by raising the emotional support, overall expectations in recovering, combined wi-th the data of whole economy our country economy presents the restorative growth, especially the i-ndustrial economy, expected late market prices or continue to strong oscillation.

Macro aspect, according to central bank web site data, 2 at the end of the central bank caliber forei-gn exchange balance was $21.68 trillion, rose last month to reduce 58.119 billion yuan, falling for 16 months.Bureau of statistics data show that 1 to 2 months China's crude steel output of 128.77 milliontons, up 5.8% from a year earlier.Crude steel 1-2 month average daily output of 2.1825 million tons, the average daily output grew by 0.65% in December.

Tangshan billet after higher prices at the weekend and sharply yesterday, today's efforts to chase af-ter go up also is not big, the main products in the high speed wire rod, hot-rolled coil plate, rebar, t-hick plate overall gains is not big, loose parts of mainstream prices and even high, market although i-nflation expectations is stronger, but the weary situation highlights, still on the inhibition of spot price.

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