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Factors That May Influence The Band Steel Price In The Following Days

Adjustable blank strip production is still continuing and some shortage. The environmental imp-act of Tianjin area dispatching billet factory is in the continuing since April 15th. The production of T-ianjin 6 Enterprise dispatching billet production is affected, affect the daily supply of about 16 thous-and and 400 tons, now affecting the supply of about 524 thousand and 800 tons. The production af-ter the manufacturers spot lower inventory, a total of only 10 thousand tons, after this month's time -consumption, currently part of the narrowband specification resources shortage, pipe manufacturers inventory of raw materials than the normal low level. Affected by this, prices go up, mills very price wi-ll increase. To a certain boost to the billet prices according to. The present research, manufacturers have not yet received the notice to resume production license, this situation will continue, or in full p-roduction after 7-10 days can be alleviated.

In addition, some steel resources shortage, pulling the billet prices upward. Recently, due to the small angle of market resources tight, once pulling prices upward. As of press time, the factors lead-ing to the mainstream profile rose 100 yuan / ton, also supported up steel prices to a certain extent.

Most of pickling galvanized strip production, limited production, prices fell to Tianjin. Since April 28th, with about 35-40 enterprise pickling galvanized Shengfang area is limited, the majority of ente-rprises for pickling galvanized strip with resource constraints and restrictions on production, and so-me enterprises stop production of galvanized limited notice. Until the resumption of production was r-educed by approximately 2/3 with zinc production the price fell, galvanized strip hard temporarily. S-cheduled a month of production, if we can end on schedule, manufacturers resumed production in -May 28th, then the short-term demand for hot strip will have a more concentrated increase for hot s-trip operation is also a positive factor.

Generally speaking, in the short term, there is a certain support for the strip Market, the signs -of rising gradually appear, or the shock tends to be stronger

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