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Market confidence picked up steel market turmoil rose

Steady growth in the economy, steady growth in production, increasing demand, solid fixed rate of g-rowth, infrastructure growth faster, steel prices improved, steel production continued to increase, cr-ude steel daily high, supply pressure, futures break up, Market confidence picked up, steel market c-losely followed, steel market turmoil rose. Is expected next week (2017.5.22-5.26) domestic steel m-arket will steadily rise.

2017 20 weeks (2017.5.15-5.19) Lange Steel National steel composite price index reached 136.0- points, up 2.98% from last week, up 32.92% over the same period last year. LGMI Profile Price index was 138.2 points, up 2.40% from last week, up 35.30% over the same period last year; LGMI sheet -price The index was 119.6 points, up 2.72% from last week, up 19.41% over the same period last ye-ar; LGMI pipe price index was 136.0 points, up 1.39% over last week, up 33.42% over the same peri-od last year.

According to Lange steel cloud business platform monitoring data show that 2017 years 20 weeks of domestic steel parts of the original steel and steel products 17 categories 44 specifications (varieties) price changes are as follows: the main steel varieties market price shocks rise, and Week compare-d to rising varieties have increased, flat varieties decreased slightly, decreased varieties decreased. Of which 33 varieties rose, compared with last week increased by 11 species; 4 flat, 3 less than last week; 7 varieties fell, down 8 from last week. Domestic steel raw material market price shock consoli-dation, iron ore prices slightly consolidation, coke prices fell 30-40 yuan, scrap prices slightly conso-lidation, billet prices rose 130 yuan.

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